Holland Hospital collaborates with you to foster a healthier community. Through our Community Outreach and Center for Good Health (CfGH), we support local residents with health education opportunities. We extend nurse care and support to our schools and places of work through efforts like our National Diabetes Prevention Program, made possible through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Participants engaged in this program show life-changing results. For example, 86% reduced their BMI, 79% reduced their waist circumference, and 90% decreased their A1c (three-month blood sugar levels).

We also reach 4,171 local employees through our Worksite Wellness programs. These initiatives are paying off in lower health care costs, greater productivity and a healthier workforce. This year we partnered with 22 local companies to empower employees to take control of their health. The new Worksite Wellness portal gives them 24/7 access to numerous tools, online workshops, recipes and informative videos. Aggregate reports help employers identify those at risk and offer prevention programs in partnership with the CfGH.
We extend our reach through the Holland Community Health Center (HCHC), providing primary care health services to the under-insured and uninsured in our community. HCHC offers newborn and well-child checkups and immunizations, a variety of health screenings and chronic disease management. We do this by allocating approximately $800,000 of annual support, some of which comes from our yearly fundraising event, Culinary Cabaret.
For over 15 years, our School Nurse Program has had a positive impact on local children and families. We administered 16,000 medications in the past year among the more than 11,000 students our nurses and nurse aides serve. Together, this program covers all Holland Public Schools, four West Ottawa Public schools and contracts with Fennville, Holland Christian, and Hamilton schools.
Timely Health Topics Are a Click Away

In our four-year-old Physician Lecture Series, health experts present timely health topics such as "Aging and Memory Loss," "How to Keep a Healthy Heart" and "Multiple Sclerosis: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments." Each year, hundreds of people attend these free monthly lectures , with many more viewing from the comfort of home via our YouTube channel.

Community-Based Specialties

As our community grows and changes, Holland Hospital continues to provide specialized care with quality outcomes, right here. Our expertise, advanced technology and superior care are among the best in the nation. Local access to dedicated multidisciplinary teams and state-of-the-art treatment keeps our residents close to home – and keeps our patients satisfied.


  • Cardiovascular Building
    Cardiology & Vascular Services

    This year, Holland Hospital partnered with West Michigan Heart, a member of Spectrum Health, to open local offices in a 10,000-square-foot facility on the hospital's main campus. Directly connected to the hospital, the Spectrum Health Heart & Vascular Center provides convenient access to diagnostic testing, cardiovascular treatment, cardiac rehabilitation and other hospital services.

  • Comprehensive Breast Services

    With our wide range of services and a multidisciplinary team of specialists, patients receive the highest quality breast care. Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services offers leading-edge screening and imaging technology – including digital mammography, breast ultrasound and 3T MRI. Soon we'll be adding the newest imaging technology – tomosynthesis (3D mammography).

    We also offer breast cancer patients a specially trained oncology nurse who works closely with them and their medical team. The Patient Navigator guides patients through their care journey, connecting them with local resources and ensuring their questions are answered.

  • Spine & Orthopedics

    We are proud to earn national recognition for superior spine and orthopedic treatment outcomes, leading-edge techniques and high patient satisfaction. People from far and wide choose Holland Hospital Spine and Orthopedic Services for joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive spine procedures.

    Our experienced, multidisciplinary team is committed to helping people enjoy an active lifestyle. Our experts include skilled orthopedic surgeons, nonsurgical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists, Sports Medicine physicians and neurosurgeons – all supported by our dedicated inpatient and outpatient care professionals.

  • Rheumatology: Specialized Care for Arthritis

    Holland Hospital offers specialized treatment for arthritis and immune-related disorders. We recently welcomed Harry Staley, MD, a board-certified rheumatologist, to lead the Lakeshore Health Partners–Rheumatology practice. With its opening this year, we now offer comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for adults, including customized treatment plans.

  • Primary Stroke Center

    Holland Hospital is designated a Primary Stroke Center, providing the expertise and systems needed for immediate lifesaving stroke care. Research shows a Primary Stroke Center offers patients better treatment, fewer complications and shorter hospital stays. And we've earned a Healthgrades® Stroke Care Excellence Award in recognition of our dedicated stroke assessment and treatment team – right here in Holland.

  • Urgent Care

    Our community is becoming savvier about health care spending. Sometimes, seeking treatment at an urgent care facility provides more value than a trip to the emergency room. One of our goals is to continue educating local residents about making the best choice for treatment at the right time.

    To expand your options, we opened a new Urgent Care location, conveniently located in the Holland Hospital Medical Building just off the I-196 interchange in Zeeland, Michigan. This new Urgent Care facility joins our Lakeshore Medical Campus in Holland to provide immediate access for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.


Urgent Care Visits


Emergency Room Visits




Home Health Visits


Superior quality is one of our core values. It starts with the friendly smile that welcomes you and the personalized care and expert diagnosis you receive beginning with your very first encounter at Holland Hospital. It continues with precise and effective treatment that leads you to a quick recovery, thanks to the skilled providers who care for you, and the advanced technology that helps you heal. And, it's apparent in the spotlessly clean facilities that surround you. At Holland Hospital, quality is right here.

That's why we've worked together to create a culture of quality throughout our organization. It guides everything we do. As a result, our medical staff, employees and volunteers consistently achieve the highest levels of safety, service, satisfaction and success.

How Are We Doing?

Our patients are the best judges of how we're doing, so we constantly ask them that very question. It's one way we learn what we're doing well and how we can do better. We are gratified to know that over 99% of our patients would use us again. Each encounter is another opportunity to provide the very best care and an outstanding patient experience – reflecting our unwavering commitment to continuous quality improvement.

National Recognition

Winning awards is not our goal, but the consistent recognition we receive validates our long-standing commitment to quality. We are nationally recognized as a quality leader. Healthgrades, the foremost provider of health care information for consumers, has awarded Holland Hospital its America's 100 Best Hospitals award for two consecutive years, ranking us in the top 2% of over 4,500 hospitals nationwide. Truven Health Analytics has recognized Holland Hospital with its Top 100 Hospitals award. We are one of only a few hospitals in the nation to be awarded this distinction nine years in a row.

Coordinating Care

Quality also means coordinated care that matches your needs with the right provider and treatment, right here. We work together with community partners to ensure you have ready access to appropriate high quality care.

Expanding Primary and Specialty Care

Holland Hospital coordinates with independent medical practices to increase both the number of physicians and services available to you in our community. With the growth of Lakeshore Health Partners, Bone & Joint Center and Western Michigan Urological Associates, you have more choices and greater accessibility of high quality care.

Partnerships for Quality

We partner with our local physician community to develop innovative ways to coordinate care, share information and improve health care for you. The Holland Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) is a valued partnership among the communities we serve, bringing providers together to enhance clinical integration, delivery processes and patient outcomes.

New Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

This past year, Holland Hospital implemented a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, which delivers significant benefits for patients, providers and our organization. The EHR provides accurate and timely patient information at the point of care, improves care coordination, enhances communication and increases efficiency. It also reduces wait times, and allows providers and staff to spend more time with patients. EHR technology touches nearly every part of the organization – from labs to radiology – providing a seamless experience for patients.

Patient Portals for Holland Hospital

Now you can manage your health online with Holland Hospital's free Patient Portal. Launched this past year, it gives you convenient and secure access to your hospital records and health information through a web interface. Log on to the portal 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet to view up-to-date information from Holland Hospital. You can easily access lab results, medications, procedure and visit summaries, and hospital discharge instructions.

Evidence-based Treatment & Practice

High-quality care is evidence-based – that means policies and procedures are developed with solid evidence from professional research and lead to proven medical outcomes. At Holland Hospital, evidence-based practice is the foundation of our care and quality improvement initiatives. Our nurses and other clinical staff constantly seek proven ways to enhance care and patient outcomes for you. For example, our nurse educators used our EHR implementation to revisit Emergency Department processes and ultimately streamline workflows for efficiency and better care. As part of our mission to continually improve the health of the communities we serve, we focus on learning opportunities and benchmarking. Our commitment to exceptional care means we are always reaching for an even higher level of success.

Holland Hospital joined the Michigan Hospital Association's Keystone Center, a collaborative effort among hospitals throughout the state to benchmark and improve quality. Keystone partners benefit from sharing new protocols, data, intervention reporting and outcomes to shape processes and policies, both in our community and across the state. Our initiatives have focused on Surgical Services, Boven Birth Center, ICU/Telemetry, Sepsis and Stroke. Our work with the Obstetrics partnership has helped reduce elective newborn deliveries in Michigan by 60%, reducing Neonatal Intensive Care admissions and saving over $1.7 million per year in health care costs. In fact, our Boven Birth Center reports zero non-medically indicated deliveries of babies less than 39 weeks of gestation in the past year.

Safe and Comfortable Patient Experience

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Holland Hospital's dedicated, multidisciplinary teams continuously monitor the hospital environment, equipment and procedures to ensure the highest levels of patient safety. Our new computer technology improves safety by providing instant access to critical information for caregivers. Together, these initiatives help maintain a safe environment, accelerate diagnosis and treatment, and optimize patient healing and comfort – right here.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We are grateful for the confidence and trust you have in us. As we move into the future, the evolving health care environment will present new quality challenges. To ensure that we continuously improve, Holland Hospital's medical staff, employees and volunteers work with energy and passion as they create new ideas. It is their dedication and pursuit of excellence that ensure our quality leadership.


Patient Days






More than ever, hospitals and health care providers across the nation are called upon to deliver care that is both high quality and cost effective. That's the meaning of "value" – getting the most from every health care dollar for you and your family.

Providing value has always been an integral part of Holland Hospital's mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. We work cooperatively with businesses and payers, along with our medical staff, employees and volunteers, to deliver cost-effective, coordinated care while consistently maintaining the highest standards of quality excellence.

High Value Performance

When compared to other hospitals across the nation, Holland Hospital ranked No.6 among more than 4,000 hospitals for Value-Based Purchasing – a program established as part of the Affordable Care Act to encourage all hospitals to work toward cost-effective care. Our ranking confirms that you're receiving quality care with beneficial outcomes and a positive patient experience – right here.

Cost Effectiveness

Health care is unlike many industries when it comes to cost and pricing. For example, insurance companies negotiate different rates with providers. What you actually pay depends largely on the type of insurance and specific coverage you have.

Holland Hospital provides care more cost effectively than other hospitals in the state. We know this because our cost per month, per insurance plan member, is lower. We are deeply committed to working cooperatively with insurance providers and suppliers to keep costs down for everyone, but especially our patients.

Healthy Outcomes

We believe high quality health care and lower costs can go hand-in-hand. By providing superior, evidenced-based care in a safe and secure environment, we keep costs down. We ensure that our patients have better outcomes, with fewer complications, faster recovery and less chance of re-hospitalization.

Doing what's best for you is not just great care, it's also good business. From prevention and wellness to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, we work across the care continuum to make sure people stay healthy now and well into the future.

Smart Investing

Holland Hospital constantly evaluates new advances in equipment, processes and information technologies. We selectively invest in proven technologies that deliver the best patient care to make sure every dollar spent has real benefits for you. Our multidisciplinary management teams apply their expertise and actively participate in guiding investment decisions that benefit you. This is the cornerstone of our ongoing pursuit to deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective care right here.

Great Teamwork

Winners know it takes a team to succeed. Together with our medical staff and other area providers, we identify common goals for continuous improvement in access to care, quality, safety, cost efficiency and community service. This fundamental alignment underscores our core commitment to best serve you today as we prepare to meet the needs of future generations.

Our value-driven approach emphasizes collaboration and cooperation for positive results. That's why you find many collaborative initiatives in the community that make for great care. For you, it adds up to convenient, exceptional primary and specialty care.

Financial Stewardship

Looking Ahead

Nationwide, our health care system is undergoing a significant transformation. Providers are challenged to continue offering excellent care while effectively managing costs. In this environment, financial stewardship is critical. To ensure we manage the resources entrusted to us responsibly, we carefully evaluate our community's health needs. Then we adjust our services to best serve you. That could mean investing in new technologies, as well as partnering with other hospitals, providers and insurers to leverage resources. No matter how the health care landscape changes, we will continue to pursue improvements in quality and resource utilization to make your experience best in class.

Financial Statement

  • Operating Revenue:   $217 million

  • Operating Expenses:   $210 million

  • Operating Income:   $7 million

  • Operating Margin:   3.0%

  • Source: Holland Hospital FY 2014 audited financial statement.

Payer Mix

  • Medicare:   40.3%

  • Medicaid:  10.8%

  • Blue Cross:   22.1%

  • Priority Health:   12.7%

  • Managed Care/Commercial:  9.6%

  • Self Pay & Other:   4.5%

Operating Percentage*

  • Salaries & Employee Costs:  60.3%

  • Supplies & Purchased Services:  25.2%

  • Depreciation & Interest:  6.8%

  • Utilities & Other Expenses:   7.7%

  • * as a percentage of operating expenses

Contributions to the Community

  • Unpaid Medicare:   $13.7 Million

  • Unpaid Medicaid:   $9.9 Million

  • Bad Debt:   $12.0 Million

  • Charity Care:   $2.2 Million

  • Other Community Benefits:
    $4.0 Million

  • Total:   $41.8 Million

We Are Family

Holland Hospital is proud to have a community-based Board of Directors. Our board members are thoughtful and active leaders from around the local area. Many operate their own businesses and organizations. Access to high-quality, cost-effective care is also important for their firms, their employees and their own families. We are all on the same page, making the right decisions that will keep Holland Hospital at the forefront of high value health care for our whole community.

Board of Directors

Jim Stroop
Board Chair

Dale Sowders
President & CEO

Clint Griffin, MD
Chief of Staff

Jane Clark

Phil Koning

Juanita Bocanegra

Leslie Brown

Kris DePree

Roger Gamache

Dave Mason

Mark Stid, MD

Dawn Garcia Ward

Tony Yasick, MD


Lab Tests


Outpatient Visits


Radiology Procedures

Right Experts. Right Focus. Right Outcomes.

Right Here.

For nearly a century, our community has trusted Holland Hospital to provide outstanding health care for you in every stage of life. As the population has grown and needs have changed, so have we. Holland Hospital has progressed from humble beginnings in 1917 to a national award-winning hospital with high quality health services across the full continuum of care. The next 100 years will bring many more changes, but one thing is certain – Holland Hospital will be right here for you, ensuring that our community stays healthy for life.

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